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  Shipping Process - How does it work?

Place the order by phone, email or fax. This consist of names, addresses and contact information for both pickup and delivery locations and date of availability. Deposit information by credit or debt card. (This is not processed until the vehicle(s) are placed on the transporter).

Your order is then placed on national load boards, this is where we have access to hundreds of carriers or I call from my list of known carrier that takes that particular route.

Carrier accepts the terms of the order and our dispatch faxes over the contract for the carrier to sign and fax back agreeing to the terms. Auto Relocation Specialist has a copy of the carriers insurance certificate and calls to verify.

The day of pickup the carrier calls 2 to 4 hours in advance before showing up. You the shipper (or agent) hands over the keys and the driver inspects the vehicle(s) for any prior damage, then sign the Bill of Lading.

The delivery, the driver will call 24 hours in advance before delivery. Make sure you know their terms of payment and have it ready for the driver (if cashiers check or money order make sure it is made out to the carrier NOT Auto Relocation Specialist). Once vehicle(s) are off loaded pay driver and do inspection, note any damage on the Bill of Lading that is your proof. If damaged call the carriers main office. See our terms and condition for more information.

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