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We ship all types of vehicles, if you can drive it we can move it!

Open auto carriers are a very reliable and safe method of transporting virtually any type of vehicle any distance. Open auto carriers are a trusted method of shipping vehicles, even within the auto industry. After all; dealerships trust them to ship their brand new inventory every day. Open auto carriers are also often the less expensive shipping method. This is not due to a lack of quality but there are an abundance of open auto carriers in the industry. In addition, most open auto carriers are able to hold 6 to 10 vehicles. There is a high supply of open auto transports available therefore the prices of these transports will be lower than that of an enclosed carrier.

An enclosed auto carrier is ideal for shipping vehicles that are in need of extra protection during shipment. Vehicles that are extremely high in value or classic cars can be difficult and very expensive to repair even the smallest amount of damage. An enclosed carrier provides an enhanced level of safety. Enclosed carriers entirely enclose the vehicles so that they are not at risk to receive any scratches or dirt from debris that could fly up from the road. The vehicles are also protected from any weather events such as high winds or hail. An enclosed transport tends to be more expensive than an open transport but there are a few reasons for this. The first reason is that there are currently fewer enclosed auto carriers on the road compared to open auto carriers. Secondly each enclosed auto carrier holds fewer cars than that of an open auto carrier. Thirdly you are paying for the additional safety of an enclosed transport.

We ship to all 50 states including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico

Travel Distance Time Frame
Continental U.S. Coast to Coast 7 - 10 Days
3 / 4 Cross Country 5 - 7 Days
1 / 2 Cross Country 3 - 5 Days
North to South / South to North 3 - 5 Days
Interstate and/or Neighboring States 1 - 3 Days

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