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  Frequently Asked Questions

When can my car be moved?
In large metro areas it is typically one to ten days from the time your order is placed and in rural communities it can sometimes take longer. The quicker we get your shipping order the faster we can start working on it. Remember with us there is no deposit until your car is picked up so there is no risk of losing your money.

Once it is on the truck, how long will it take?
The Average is around 350 to 500 miles per day depending on weather conditions.

Can I put personal items in the car?
We do not recommend it for a couple of reasons; First, the carries are not licensed to and it's against DOT regulations to carry household goods. Secondly, it actually increases the change that your vehicle could be broker in to. If that happened and the items were stolen they are not insured. This is no different than your own vehicle insurance.

Can the car be picked up on a specific date?
The carrier's can not guarantee pickup or delivery times; there are just too many variables like weather or detours. They like a 3 day window for pick up and will call in advance. You can always leave the keys with a friend or relative.

Do you provide terminal to terminal service?
Our company does not use, nor recommend terminal services. Even though it can be some of the lower cost services, we find there are many more damage claims and more strangers are in and out of your car. We are a door to door service.

Does your company provide insurance on my car?
The Department of Transportation requires that the Carrier we utilize to carry the insurance on your vehicle. We check their safety record and ensure proper levels of cargo and liability insurance before we assign your shipment to them. In the rare event that there is a damage claim, we can assist you with the details.

How does the payment work?
When we place the order we will collect the deposit information via credit or debit card, this is processed when the car is picked up and then when it is delivered you pay the balance to the driver. The driver accepts cash, cashiers check or money order. No personal checks are accepted. We work for free until your car is picked up.

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