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About Us

Auto Relocation Specialist is completely dedicated to our customers. A good percentage of our business comes from referrals from our satisfied customers. We create a relationship and treat our clients like family. Great customer service is the most important element of every transaction. We know we are not just transporting your car, but a part of your life.

We will show you how this industry works and make you comfortable with how your vehicle will be handled from the moment we pick up your car to the time it is delivered to your door. You will quickly feel that there is no risk whatsoever and you are placing your baby into good hands.

We are a door to door service. We NEVER use terminal services. Our years of experience have taught us that you expect the very best, and that is exactly what you get. We find the right trucks with the best drivers. Your car is transported on one truck with one driver. There is no risk. You pay nothing until your vehicle is picked up and placed on the transporter then the balance is due at delivery.

You can look around for a deal, but you will not find a better more caring service then ours. Having your car moved from one truck to another using multiple drivers and terminals is no way to treat your car and increases the chances for your car getting damaged in transport. Our job is to provide a worry free way for you to get your vehicle from point A to point B.


Management Team

Kathy Lacross, President

Dedicated to customer service, Kathy has been in the auto shipping industry for many years. She has managed two of the nation’s top rated auto transport companies and her reputation is unblemished.

Many people treat their vehicle like a family member. Growing up on a farm and becoming a mother of two, Kathy knows the importance of family values and what it means.

At a young age Kathy aspired to become a successful business woman. She worked hard to become a top sales person and became the Vice President of two different companies.

Kathy is proficient at multitasking and always pays attention to detail. You will find her to be a personable, a great communicator and has what it takes to get the job done and done right.

Phone: 360-600-6080

Craig Lacross, Secretary

Business owner since 1991 in transportation.



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